Our courses in English

Important information for incoming students 2021/22
  • English courses will be available both in winter and summer semester.
  • Courses marked with * are available only for psychology students. Unmarked courses are available for all students, regardless of the main subject of their studies.
  • There is a minimum number of students required for course openning. If there will not be enough students, the course may not be opened. In this case, we will provide support in finding substitute course.
  • Check the correct and up-to-date codes for each course (see bellow in the table).
  • For detailed description of our courses click on the course title. 
  • All courses for the Faculty of Arts are available here.

Incoming students can enroll courses in English (see below) or in Czech (in case you are fluent in Czech - contact our dept. coordinator Kateřina Palová for more info). 

Courses marked with * are available only for psychology students. 

Winter (autumn) semester: 


Summer (spring) semester:


Students fluent in Czech can enroll Czech courses, too. List of all courses can be found in erasmusplus.upol.cz application.


It is also possible to assign approximately 2 or 3 courses out of our department (depends on the number of credits). The complete lists of courses for incomming students are published here.


Need help? Contact our international relations coordinator.