Work and Organizational Psychology

The research field focused on the work and organizational psychology belongs among traditional domain of the research and education at the Department of psychology. The field is considered as the applied specialization of psychology therefore we closely cooperate with many governmental institutions and private companies on the specific research topics and practical education of the undergraduate students. The application of our field is also reflected in the service which we offer to the Philosophical faculty during selection process for various positions at service departments.

Ongoing research projects

Individual and group experience in work environments

Guarantor: PhDr. Martin Seitl, PhD.
PhDr. Klára Seitlová, Ph.D., Mgr. Iva Maroušková, Mgr. Stanislava Gauchet Kobzová, Martin Nevřela, Ondřej Zíma, Lukáš Kubičný, Pavla Fabiánová

Abstract: Individuals experience relationships to themselves, work, organisations, and other people both in an individual sense and in a group sense. They create their own experiences as well as share experiences with the group. The experience of the individual and the group are considered crucial aspects of a dynamic work environment, and do not only affect other employees, but also issues of competitiveness of the organization. The project does not only focus on exploring the specific experiences of employees, but also on factors influencing experience and the abilities of managers to influence and control these. The basic issues related to individual and collective experience we include are: a) work -life balance, including functions of the family and coping with the demands of family and work life b) organizational culture and ethics, c) the structure and dynamics of teams in relation to their performance, d) stress and workload in relation to personality and cognitive assumptions. The outcome of the research will be further knowledge of the current state of the above-mentioned topics, and the publication of the research findings through a series of scientific articles that build on previously published work.

Application of Attachment Theory in work environments


Guarantor: PhDr. Martin Seitl, PhD.
PhDr. Klára Seitlová, Ph.D., Kristýna Vacková, Simona Bojková, Bc. Tereza Adámková, Petra Dvořáčková, Barbora Kasalová

Abstract: Following the development of attachment theory and its gradual influence on other psychological disciplines, we will pay attention to the possibilities of applying this theory to the psychology of work and organization. The potential of the theory and the consequent selection of tools for choosing employees for managerial positions or teams will be discussed against the background of the current international research. The research will firstly focus on verifying the theory in the Czech environment. Based on proven indicators of individual strategies of emotional attachment, a new diagnostic tool adapted to Central European conditions will be constructed. After psychometric validation of the new diagnostic tool, it will be available for application in the selection and development of employees, as well as diagnosing and developing teams.

Efficiency and predictive validity of assessment methods in staff selection

Guarantor: PhDr. Klára Seitlová, PhD.
Ing. Denisa Schiedková, Ing. Josef Rambousek, Leopold Benda, PhDr. Martin Seitl, Ph.D.

Abstract: When using different methods of choosing staff, the most important feature is predictive validity. Despite clearly defined selection criteria, as a result of the analysis of the work activities of the specific position, and the subsequent definition of the psychological characteristics, the predictive validity of the assessment methods are often unclear, too general, or unknown. In addition to predictive validity, a second key question is the effectiveness of the methods used. Other factors include the time requirements, and the range of results. The output of the research will be publications of the validity of different assessment methods for different specific positions.

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