Our courses in English

Important information for incomming students 2018/19

Our department offers three types of courses in the English language:

  1. Basics of Research” provides students with two basic courses in research and data analysis.
  2. Laboratory Specials” are courses where students get up-to-date knowledge and skills in cyberpsychology, psychophysiology, or human factors in traffic. A bonus of these courses is the opportunity to use our well-equipped and unique laboratory with virtual reality gadgets, the EEG, and other equipment.
  3. Advanced Specials” are suitable especially for more advanced students. The courses deal with organisational culture, the psychology of values, thinking and decision making in the real world, or family psychology.
PCH/MPRP Methodology of Psychological Research – Research Proposal spring
PCH/BDAA Basics of Data Analysis for Social Science spring
PCH/CYPS Cyberpsychology* spring
PCH/GPPHH General Psychophysiology* spring
PCH/TRAP Human Factors in Traffic spring
PCH/TDMPP Thinking and Decision Making in Practice spring
PCH/IESP Introduction to Educational and School Psychology NEW in 2018/19 spring

See detailed description of our courses: Psychology_UP_ENcourses_ful3. No other courses are available at our department. Courses marked with * are available only for psychology students. Other courses are available for any students coming to Palacky University.

Need help? Contact our international relations coordinator.

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