Our courses in English

Our department offers three types of courses in the English language:

  1. Basics of Research” provides students with two basic courses in research and data analysis.
    • Methodology of Psychological Research – Research Proposal
    • Basics of Data Analysis for Social Science
  2. Laboratory Specials” are courses where students get up-to-date knowledge and skills in cyberpsychology, psychophysiology, or human factors in traffic. A bonus of these courses is the opportunity to use our well-equipped and unique laboratory with virtual reality gadgets, the EEG, and other equipment.
    • Cyberpsychology*
    • General Psychophysiology*
    • Human Factors in Traffic
  3. Advanced Specials” are suitable especially for more advanced students. The courses deal with organisational culture, the psychology of values, thinking and decision making in the real world, or family psychology.
    • Organisational Culture
    • Issues in the Contemporary Psychology of Values
    • Thinking and Decision Making in Practice
    • Family Psychology*

See detailed description of our courses HERE. No other courses are available at our department.sign-360701280

Important notes for incomming students

  • All english courses are available only in spring semester.
  • Courses marked with * are available only for psychology students. Unmarked courses are available for all students, regardless of the main subject of their studies.
  • There is a minimum number of students required for course openning (usually 3 students). If there will be not enough students, the course may not be open. In this case, we will provide you assistence in finding substitute course.
  • Check the correct and up-to-date codes for each course. For 2017/18 see bellow in brackets.
    • (PCH/MPRP) Methodology of Psychological Research
    • (PCH/CYPS) Cyberpsychology
    • (PCH/TRAP) Human Factors in Traffic
    • (PCH/ORCU) Orgnisational Culture
    • (PCH/ICPV) Issues in Contemporary Psychology of Values
    • (PCH/TDMP) Thinking and Decision Making in Practice
    • (PCH/GPPHH) General Psychophysiology
  • Courses Family psychology and Basics of Data Analysis are cancelled (for 2017/18).

Need help? Contact our international relations coordinator.

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