Our courses in English

Important information for incomming students 2018/19
Important information for incomming students 2019/20

Our department offers courses in English. No other courses are available at our department. Courses marked with * are available only for psychology students. Other courses are available for any student coming to Palacky University.

PCH/MPRP Methodology of Psychological Research – Research Proposal SS
PCH/BDAA Basics of Data Analysis for Social Science SS
PCH/CYPS Cyberpsychology* SS
PCH/GPPHH General Psychophysiology* AS, SS
PCH/TRAP Human Factors in Traffic AS, SS
PCH/TDMPP Thinking and Decision Making in Practice SS
PCH/IESP Introduction to Educational and School Psychology NEW in 2018/19 AS
Issues in Educational and School Psychology NEW in 2019/20 SS
Developing Soft Skills Through Applied Psychology NEW in 2019/20 AS, SS

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SS = spring semester, AS = autumn semester

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