The Department of Psychology is one of the 22 departments of the Philosophical Faculty. It currently has 450 students enrolled. The department provides higher education on three levels: bachelor , master and doctoral academic programmes.

The general mission of the Department of Psychology of the Philosophical Faculty of Palacky University is to produce professional psychologists whose expertise covers a wide range of both theoretical an applied disciplines.

The study programme in psychology provided at the Philosophical Faculty of Palacky University follows the international standards developed by the European Federation of Psychologists’ Associations (EFPA), specifically the EuroPsy European standard.


The academic year is divided into two semesters:

* Winter semester from late September to January

* Summer semester from February to June

Each semester consists of 12-13 weeks of classes followed by an examination period. Classes usually take 45 or 90 minutes.


Department of Psychology offers courses at the bachelor, master and doctoral level.

Regular courses are taught in Czech language.

In addition to regular courses we also offer courses for exchange students, which can be taught in English language. Our department is also hosting various lectures given by speakers from our partner universities. (e.g. International Week).

Follow these steps to choose your courses:

1. Check available courses – (, decide what courses you would be interested in.

2. For more detailed information contact international students coordinator – Mgr. Josef Kundrát (josef.kundrat01

3. Contact a coordinator of your home university, make sure your university can accept ECTS credits for chosen courses

Recommended courses:

Psychodiagnostics of Children, Psychodiagnostics of Adults, Special topics in Counselling Psychology, Special topics in Personality Psychology, Traffic psychology, Psychology of gender and sexuality, Social Communication, Special topics in Organizational Psychology, Project management.

Incoming Exchange students are also allowed to follow courses at other faculties of our university but should always inform the International Office first.

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